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Whispering Voice of God

Posted on February 12, 2020 at 9:25 AM

Sunday night as we were going through Experiencing God, we learned that God still speaks to us. We learned that He speaks to us as unique individuals, in unique ways for each one of us, and that When He speaks in a way that we KNOW that is God speaking and it is clear for us to understand.


I told the church that I have worked jobs where people have to yell to be heard over other sounds. Jobs where people get in your face and yell just cause they think that is the only way to get through to people, but that is not the case. That is why when I hear God speak it is through that still small voice that whisper where he knows I have to lean in or listen very closely.


God has an outside voice, and He’s not afraid to use it. But when God wants to be heard, when what He has to say is too important to miss, He often speaks in a whisper just above the absolute threshold of hearing.


My dictionary defines whisper as “speaking very softly using one’s breath without one’s vocal cords.” The use of breath instead of vocal cords is significant. Isn’t that how God created Adam? He whispered into the dust and named it Adam.


Whispering is typically employed for the sake of secrecy. No form of communication is more intimate.


So why does God so often speak in whispers? When someone speaks in a whisper, you have to get very close to hear. In fact, you have to put your ear near the person’s mouth. We lean toward a whisper, and that’s what God wants. The goal of hearing the heavenly Father’s voice isn’t just hearing His voice; it’s intimacy with Him. He speaks in a whisper because He wants to be as close to us as is divinely possible! He loves us, likes us, that much.


When my children were young, I’d sometimes speak in a whisper so they would inch closer to me. That’s when I’d grab them and hug them. God plays the same trick on us. We want to hear what He has to say, but He wants us to know how much He loves us.


Aren’t you grateful for a gentle God? The Almighty could intimidate us with His outside voice, but He woos us with a whisper. And His whisper is the very breath of life.


There’s an old adage that those who dance are thought mad by those who hear not the music. That is certainly true of those who walk to the beat of God’s drum. When you take your cues from the Holy Spirit, you’ll do some things that will make people think you’re crazy. So be it. Obey the whisper and see what God does. Because nothing has the potential to change your life like the whisper of God. Nothing will determine your destiny more than your ability to hear His still small voice. That’s how God-sized dreams are birthed. That’s how miracles happen.


So how do you hear God?

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